Our Services

In our Mechanical Shop we offer to our fleet accounts, both, in the shop service and on site service
when needed.

                         Complete exhaust systems
                         Engine overhauls
                         Transmission repair
                         Walking beams and bushings
                         Wheel base change
                         Frame re-enforcement
                         Glass replacement

  In the Radiator Shop we have a wide variety of services which gives us the ability to meet your needs,
from the smallest compacts to the largest diesel trucks. We are a dealer for Maine Radiator which provides
us with factory direct service and UPS next day delivery, even for special orders.
                         Clean and Flush
                         Boiling and Testing
                         Recoring Radiator and Heaters
                         Complete Replacement Radiators and Heaters
                         New Replacement Gas Tanks
                         Winterization Services
                         Tires, Mount and Balance